Master Bedroom Designs Fit for a King

Master Bedroom Designs Fit for a King

The masters’ bedroom is  the personal sanctuary of any home. It is the resting place of the home owner where he can spend time relaxing and making himself comfortable in privacy. This bedroom reflects his personality in the way it has been designed. This article gives you several options on designing your masters’ bedroom.

This bedroom is simple yet with a hint of elegance in it. The dark drapes that cover the big picture windows help keep the bright sunshine out. The muted lighting indicates that the owner is more attuned to a darker room so he can relax.



Another angle of the same bedroom indicates the use of dark tones of color which gives the feeling of luxury. The use of glass and dark brown panels behind the bed with a soft illumination adds a hint of sophistication.


This masters’ bedroom is luxurious from the moment you enter. The use of satin sheets, and decor on glass adds the elegance. The partition between the main bedroom and the door gives the element of privacy. The use of a glass shelf near the bed helps in creating more character to the space.


Black, white and grey come together beautifully in this room. It is evident that the use of darker colors help in achieving a more elegant feel for the bedroom. The TV wall adds texture and character to the room and the lack of furnishings indicate simplicity in all aspects.


This Zen-like room has warm tones of brown and wooden accents. An interesting feature wall is created behind the bed which adds quality and depth. The window drapes that cover the windows add character and warmth to the room. The use of soft illumination under the bed helped in creating the feel of luxury without having to try so hard at it.


Often, the feeling of elegance is achieved with the  use of decor and home furnishings. In this bedroom, the wall to floor curtains that covered the big windows, helped create that feeling of stylishness.vegas2

The use of a chandelier adds not only luxury but depth which is important in making a bedroom look bigger than its actual size. The lighting feature complemented the wall decor behind the TV and the dark wood panels.


Glass and dark wood complement each other to make a room look look like it has more space. It also helps when the use of decor or furnishings is trimmed down to the basics to achieve the warm and comfy look.


Like the other masters’ bedrooms, this room also made use of dark colors to achieve the feeling of luxury. The heavy wall to floor drapes that cover the big windows give that vibe of straightforward elegance that we often see in movies. The photo behind the bed adds the personality to the room.


The use of white against the darker color scheme helped balance the aura of the whole room. The TV wall is simple yet is able to add texture and life to the room. The choice to use soft lighting achieved a more comfortable vibe to the bedroom.