Greys And Monochromes At Miltonia Residences
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Greys And Monochromes At Miltonia Residences

A monochromatic interior can always be enriched with texture and details. In this case, the designer plays a lot with glass texture. The end result is a sophisticated, elegant home with a unique factor.

In the living and dining area, the designer sticks to glass texture for displaying decorations in shelves.

And in the living area, glass texture is not the only one, as evident by the timber used for the TV feature wall cabinet and a wall that separates the living area from the entry hall.

We mentioned that the designer goes for a sophisticated interior, and sophistication almost always goes hand in hand with luxury. In the dining room, for example, the focus is on luxurious materials, and elements that look royal and prestigious.

A round table is an interesting choice, since it has little space for serving food, but functionality is not a focus point in this interior.

In the bedrooms, we finally see the glass texture rise to its full glory. That is especially true for the second bedroom, which is actually separated from the other parts of the apartment with glass panels.

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