3D Design For Choa Chu Kang

3D Design For Choa Chu Kang

There is a quiet sense of calm upon entry to this apartment. The use of white and wood together always gives off that feeling. The addition of stones like that in a spa adds to the calming element. The floating shoe cabinet and the plant works well together to make the space look like a waiting area in a spa. Quite a unique way done by the designer to make the area look modern.

The living area is consistent with the classy and modern vibe. By using white as the overall color scheme, the designer was able to create the look of elegance without going overboard. The TV feature wall is unique in the sense that wood was not used which is a common material and look for most apartments.

The kitchen is absolutely wonderful with the bar countertop in grey that doubles as a dining table. The whole space was designed to be open, thus creating the illusion of more depth that is not common in most kitchens in apartments. The window’s location is apt, because the natural light that comes in makes the area look edgy and sharp. 

The kitchen work station was designed to maximize the space of the area. The storage cabinets and cupboards adhered to the white theme and the neutral flooring complemented the design for the kitchen. The countertop is made of quartz which is one of the best materials that can be used for this space.

The placement of the wooden cabinets in the bedroom ensured that the space was maximized, otherwise it would have been a dead spot. There is a hint of Scandinavian style to the bedroom with the way it was designed. The standing lamp adds a touch of chic drama to the room, making it look more cozy.

The use of white for the bedroom is perfect because of the calming effect it has for the space. The night table can double as a work table and the  use  of wood makes it look more elegant. The plush carpet adds depth to the room, and the lack of decor gives the area a more homey and relaxed vibe.

The bathroom is very simple and understated. Because of this, the designer was able to achieve a calm vibe for the space. The use of neutral beige for the floor was an exceptional idea to complement white and wood and glass altogether.

The cabinets in the second bedroom also has a bit of Scandinavian touch to it, adding a bit more stylishness to the space. The trick to getting more out of a small space is to make sure that the whole area is maximized and the right colors are complemented.

The use of mirrors as part  of the cabinet  made for a 3D look and appeal. It helped create a sense of depth and at the same time became decorative. Again, the  use  of wood with the neutral colors gave the bedroom a touch of drama and elegance.