HDB 4-Room $30k @ Buangkok Green

HDB 4-Room $30k @ Buangkok Green

From the very second you step foot in the apartment you are mesmerized by its simple beauty. Looking deeper into the design, you start noticing subtle details that further contribute to the magic of the environment.

The living room, for starters, is simple, but with the addition of the brick like cream wall in the dining room, the sum of the room is enhanced. Simply put, all the elements blend together perfectly.

The kitchen is bistro like, but that is possible with the space it has. Add the backboard and you get the high school feeling of the 90s.

One element that drags itself through the whole interior design is the addition of wood. The bedroom is the best example of how wood pops out in a design. The headboard for the bed looks beautiful, and creates additional dimension in the room.

Lastly, the bathroom is a perfect example of a well organized room. But truth be told, every room here is well organized, which is probably the signature of the whole interior design.