HDB 4-Room BTO At Blk 430A Yishun Orchid Spring

HDB 4-Room BTO At Blk 430A Yishun Orchid Spring

The owner of the apartment is fan of comics and his style and lifestyle reflects the interior. The apartment does feature a room just for comics with shelves filled with comics, the style is also visible in every room.

For starters, the color of the interior in the living room is uncommon for a modern style, but it is in line with the characters of the comics that are placed on the wall. The floating shelves are done in an interesting manner, as they are playful, yet still stylish.

The flooring in the living and dining area is another unique element. The tiles used for the flooring are so reflective, they almost look like glass.

In the kitchen you are greeted with a dash of neon white color, which for most people would be chaotic. But for some, it is calming.

Once you get to the bedrooms, there are no more comics, which is understandable. The owner has also added a guest bedroom which is essentially a working office. However, the room features a pull out platform bed for guests. It is subtle, elegant and stylish solution for people staying over.

The master bedroom, on the other hand, is complete opposite of the theme that is visible through the whole apartment. While the apartment looks childish due to all those comics, the bedroom is luxurious fit for a royal.

Owner love his comics and a room was set aside for this favorite hobby. Featuring full height book shelves and settee with concealed storage by the window

What to do with your extra room? Owner wanted a working area and also a pull-out platform for guest, this can be pulled out for bedding in case there are guests who wish to stay over.