HDB 4-Room BTO At Blk 548B Segar Palmview

HDB 4-Room BTO At Blk 548B Segar Palmview

Whenever you want to mix modern style with other interior design styles, a single object can make all the difference in the world.

In this case, what is essentially a modern design, is matched and mixed with other styles thanks to a different ceiling light. For example, in the living room, the designer adds a touch of industrial style.

In the master bedroom we get vintage and retro ceiling light and lamp, while in the other bedrooms the designer places contemporary and artistic ceiling lights.

Sticking to clean straight lines, the designer follows simplicity and minimalism as guiding lines in the decoration of the apartment. In every room, the designer tries to add just something subtle to break the simplicity.

In the living room, that element is the heart shaped coffee table, in the master bedroom we get galactic picture (and the space as theme follows through other rooms as well).

The best job the designer has done is in the kitchen, where the timber top of the kitchen island is matched perfectly with the light color cabinets.