HDB 4-Room BTO Barbie Theme @ Punggol ParcVista

HDB 4-Room BTO Barbie Theme @ Punggol ParcVista

Barbie looks for Ken in a perfect pink colored doll house.
And while pink is the theme of the house, it is perfectly combined with colors that suit her sensitivity and tenderness. In the living room, that color is the earthy brown color. In the office room, that purpose is reserved for the sunny orange color. Both options enhance the pink.

A common rule when using just one color is to try different shades, which in this situation, is carried out to perfection. Pink shades overflow from one to another in an endless circle of energizing atmosphere.

Another thing to point is the use of glass, which perfectly separates the room from one another. Glass doors is a risky move in the inside, but if you do not risk, you gain nothing.

Barbie dream, uplifting pink tones for light hearted happiness. Impressing with the appearance of pink hues, the entire home is being transformed into a nurturing comfort zone yet cheery at the same time.

Pairs with soothing lights and wooden finishing, the color combination turns the entire place into an energizing atmosphere.

Double glass door with walk-in wardrobes on the other side of the master room

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