HDB 4-Room BTO @ Blk 476B Hougang Capeview

HDB 4-Room BTO @ Blk 476B Hougang Capeview

Texture is an element which can sometimes be overlooked when planning a scheme. It has the ability to add powerful and subtle dimension to any room.

In that manner, the designer tries to add different texture to every wall, corner and inch of the space. What he succeeds to do is blend all of those textures that might look unmixable, into one perfect product.

Another goal that the designer manages to achieve is to implement and introduce wood to a interior design that is more glitzy than traditional. The wooden elements help keep the balance at bay. Without it, the apartment could look as a shiny ball from a disco.

The overall feeling you get is that the whole design flows, and it leads the visitor to one end destination.

And that destination is the bedroom, where the designer no longer saves up on the glitz, glamour and the shining lights. With a picture of New York in the background, it is more than clear what the designer was envisioning when designing the space.