HDB 4-Room BTO Small But Spacious At Segar Road

HDB 4-Room BTO Small But Spacious At Segar Road

What this home lacks in size, it surely makes up for it in character. Every room has a signature mark element that defines it.

Even though the rooms are small, they feel spacious due to the right organization and placement of furniture and appliances. Many tiny rooms are in danger of feeling claustrophobic, but not in this case.

The whole apartment has that romantic feel and sense, where you think that a young couple is the best fit. Think of a couple, deeply in love, romance flowing all over the air, and the result is this apartment.

The fish tank is the clear signature mark of the apartment, where the cappuccino color shades have provided elegant contemporary feel. Even the kitchen looks so natural, like a place where the husband hugs his wife while they are preparing the lunch.

And once you enter the bedroom, the subtle violet color bewitches and overtakes you. The attention to details reigns in the bedroom where the curtains and drapery complement the romantic feeling of the surrounding.