HDB 4-Room BTO With Contemporary Scandinavian Interiors

HDB 4-Room BTO With Contemporary Scandinavian Interiors

The featured contemporary Scandinavian interior design offers a stylish apartment decorated with beautiful, but also very effective furniture and accessories.

It utilizes with much success the interplay between the white color of the floors, walls and ceiling with the many dark elements, inducing curtains, door frames, rugs and a prominent couch.

By doing this, it offers a sense of space where every element is complimentary to some other. Also, the entire space of this Scandinavian interior design feels modern and trendy, focusing on straight lines and a sense of usability, so it is easy to imagine a couple of young professionals living and working in that space.

The abundant light that is coming from numerous lamps and ceiling rigs, but also from the outside environment, thanks to the big windows, provides an additional feel of comfort and livability to the same space.

This is a general characteristic of Scandinavian interior design and this space uses it to a great effect. But, the most impressive thing about this home design is the fact that it does not feel cold or distant, in spite of many modern and trendy solutions it utilizes.

In fact, the same space has a very warm feel to it, proving that modern design does not have to produce results that lack a personal touch. Because of all its advantages, it is clear that these images of a home represent a very successful example of the Scandinavian approach to interior design.