HDB 4-Room Completed Project At Blk 476 Upper Serangoon View

HDB 4-Room Completed Project At Blk 476 Upper Serangoon View

Remember the 476 Upper Serangoon View 3D renderings we put up some time ago here? Well, here’s the completed project!

The Living

View from the entryway into the living and dining areas of the home.

It is all about showing social status with the living area. Putting the whole living area on a platform is one way to enhance its beauty. A floor to ceiling glass window in the living area ensures the environment gets enough natural light.

As for the floating shelves, their positioning gradually in layers is what makes them unique and special.

And while the living area screams with prestige and luxury, the dining area is rather simple, bistro type room. A small table with chairs and desk is all that there is.

In the kitchen, the designer opts for a dramatic and bold look, and he achieves that with red and gray metallic and glossy finishing of the kitchen furniture. Add the quarts top and the dramatic outlook is completed.

What is impressive about the kitchen though is the positioning of elements, especially the fridge and stove.

In the master bedroom, the designer keeps things as minimal as they can be, all while adding some hidden elements and saving space. For example, the sliding doors for the wardrobe give it a bit of style and character.

Closer view of the living area and its TV feature wall with storage solutions.

Dining Area

The dining area is a simple booth for a family of four.

The kitchen

The sink and fridge are placed along the left (or right side, depending on which direction you’re looking from) counter top. This helps keep all washing and preparation of food along the same workspace.

The stove is placed opposite the washing counter (above), thus creating a “golden triangle” of Fridge-Sink-Stove, resulting in efficient workflow and minimizing obstruction.

The studyroom

Because we all need more storage for our stuff. Whether it be books or other important documents, they’re all stowed away in a nice rack.

The master bedroom

Seen here is the window settee and step-up platform which the bed was placed on.

The wardrobe with its sliding doors helps our client save space for today’s HDB layouts.

The master bathroom

Looks like a common bathroom until…

Whoever said that HDB bathrooms aren’t large enough for a bathtub?

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