HDB 4-Room Modern Scandinavian Inspiration

HDB 4-Room Modern Scandinavian Inspiration

design chapterz Kim Tian Rd hdb 4-room
You never have to be a real genius to know how to smartly organize your home. From the looks of this modern Scandinavian design you can realize that any home can look auspicious depending on how you arrange it. You can have a small carpeted floor with a table which has a glass on top to give your living space an incredible look. Imagine that house whose floor is made of wooden tiles and there is a wardrobe that resembles the same color. Don’t forget about the wall unit which has the same color as wood. Your house will undoubtedly have a natural look which pleases everyone.

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design chapterz Kim Tian Rd hdb 4-room 3
Who said that your kitchen must be big enough to serve your family? From one of the pictures you will realize that there is a kitchen which looks awesome though the space is small. This modern Scandinavian design takes advantage of the cabinets to store most of the kitchen item hence there is no congestion at all. The floor and the walls are tiled giving it a nice look and allows natural light to enlighten the space. The different colors on one side of the wall next to the oven makes this style an incredible one.

design chapterz Kim Tian Rd hdb 4-room 4 design chapterz Kim Tian Rd hdb 4-room 5

How about that picture of the bedroom? No one will doubt that this room looks awesome and everyone will admire it to be his/hers. Brown color is richly used here because it gives the space a cool color. There are also wall papers which gives this bedroom an amazing artistic impression.

Never ignore to have a carpet beneath your bed as shown here. The last but not the least to mention about the pictures is that your dining room can be incredible despite the fact that it’s small. You can like the way the simple few chairs can be arranged to make your dining room amazing. Why don’t transform your home today!