HDB 4-Room Resale At Blk 267 Compassvale Link

HDB 4-Room Resale At Blk 267 Compassvale Link

One of our clients got a HDB 4-room resale flat at blk 267 Compassvale Link and wanted a makeover for their master bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Here’s what we did:

The kitchen and it’s entry way

The fridge and washer area

Cooker hood, sink and overhead cabinets

The master bedroom

A very modern and minimalistic design, the goal of the design is to make every room look as spacious as possible.

In the master bedroom, for example, the designer has implemented a couple of tricks to make it work. The first one is to blend the entry door with the wardrobe, and by making it in the same design, you get the illusion there is no door.

The second trick in the bedroom is the lighting. With many different light sources, and focused on different areas in the bedroom, the room looks brighter, which equals bigger. And just for bonus, the designer has placed a seating area at the window, taking full advantage of the potential in the room.

The master bedroom is another room where the goal for making the space more spacious is evident. The main wall is made completely out of glass. The reflecting mirror creates an illusion of much bigger space, even though the bathroom in general is big enough.

note the window settee on the right of the picture

The master bathroom’s door is nicely blended in together with the wardrobe

The master bathroom

View from the master bathroom door inwards

View from inside the master bathroom towards the bathroom door

The common bathroom

p.s. the above images comprise partially of 3D rendering and real photography