HDB 4-Room Resale At Blk 301 Clementi
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space define HDB 4 Room Resale 301 Clementi

HDB 4-Room Resale At Blk 301 Clementi

One thing we can take from the apartment is that you don’t always need a sofa in the living room to make things work. Being a smaller apartment, the designer looks for ways to maximize it. And instead of a large sofa that will offer unused seating space, the designer brings one seating chairs in the living room.

This gives the room space to breathe, as well as moving space for people living in it. The design of the living room is fantastic. The way the designer experiments with grey colour in a wooden design is incredible. Few would be courageous enough to experiment, as the white colour is the standard in similar modern and Scandinavian design styles.

The best element in the apartment is the most subtle one. When we are talking 3D, we are talking about the 3D pictures in the living room and the bedroom. Those pictures help bring some colours, life and style to the apartment.

In a typical modern style, another element that is visible in all room is the sky effect on the ceiling, achieved by installing multiple small light sources.

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