HDB 4-Room With Modern Bright And Airy Feel

HDB 4-Room With Modern Bright And Airy Feel

Talk about storage innovation. In the living room, the shelves are not your everyday shelves for books, sculptures, or other decorations. No, they are there to serve as a support storage for your bicycle. A really nifty feature, that gives a refreshing look to the room.

Transformation of a 20 year old HDB 4-room flat into a modern, bright and airy feel.

Another refreshing idea is the color of the shelves. The white shelves are painted black in the inside, which looks playful and unconventional.

The kitchen is another room that looks refreshing. The light that flows from the living room is reflected thanks to the rather light wooden elements, and the white walls and countertop. On the other side of the kitchen, another natural light source provides sunlight into the room.

The bedroom is a multifunctional room, with a one sized bed, and an office desk. One cool idea is the chair under the window. This way, even when guests come to the bedroom, there is a spot for them to sit on. And the space under the chair is used for storage. Win-Win situation!