HDB 5-Room $50k @ Boon Leong Rd

HDB 5-Room $50k @ Boon Leong Rd

Nowadays, many people have open kitchen, bind with the dining room. But here, the designer tries something else. While the kitchen is still part of the dining room, the designer surrounds it with glass and brick like section, making it a room within the room.

From the moment you enter the apartment, the separation between the kitchen and the rest of the apartment is what steals your attention, calling you in.

The living room has all the elements of a contemporary home, with sky effect on the ceiling, and the wooden wall behind the TV. Light colors only enhance the feeling.

And once you are in the kitchen, you feel you’ve entered a master chef kitchen, where everything is in order. But what appeals the most is the marsala color of the elements.

Lastly, it’s inspiring how the designer managed to use the small space of the bathroom to the full potential. The mosaic on the wall completely changes the outlook, and without it, the room would feel claustrophobic.