HDB 5-Room BTO – A Scandinavian Affair

HDB 5-Room BTO – A Scandinavian Affair

From the second you enter the apartment, you see and feel the Scandinavian spirit. Echoed by graphics on the wall, simplicity, neatness and tidiness, what looks simple on first glance, is actually a complex design.

A lot of thought and effort is put in placing every single piece on the spot where it fits the most.

The best part about the kitchen has to be the black wall above the counter top, and the recipe on it. In spirit with the nature, the kitchen, as well as other rooms, is equipped with furniture from natural materials, or simply put, wood, wood and more wood.

Light is another aspect that is on pair with the Scandinavian approach. Even though the apartment and the space is rich with natural light, there are countless of more spotlights to contribute.

The bathroom does look a bit crowded, but clever organization helps. The towel above the toilet, for example, is one idea that you rarely see, but it works.