HDB 5-Room Modern Look With Wooden Furnishing
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artrend hdb 5-room modern 7

HDB 5-Room Modern Look With Wooden Furnishing

There are many gorgeous built houses out there in the world. However, what differentiates a house from a home? I am here to show you that the living qualities of this HDB 5-room modern home, ones that any potential buyer could enjoy are the determining factors of what transform a house into a home.

This home was clearly designed with the intentions of making the owner fall in love with it. When going house-hunting any potential buyer should be looking for features in a house that will make living in that house both pleasurable and memorable.

The interior designer clearly cared about the homeowners in this house.

Living / Family Room

artrend hdb 5-room modern 7

The heart of every house is the family room, without a quality family room why bother viewing the rest of the house. Right away you can see the family room has quality spacing with the couch centred by the right side of the wall next to the window, thus providing great natural lighting for anyone who sits on the couch.

Lighting of course would never be a problem because of the quality overhead lighting in this family room, but natural lighting is always better for the eyes. There is plenty of room in between the couch and the television thus creating the illusion of a much bigger room, which is always appreciated.

Dining Room

Behind the family room couch is a dining room table juxtaposed in the corner of the room, thus allowing quality spacing for a family to walk around the table easily. The dining room table seats 6 which is perfect for an average sized family plus a few guests, but one could easily squeeze in two more chairs to allow for a comfortable 8 seated table.

Next to the table is a big of shelf space to hang pictures of the family, artwork, or a mirror which is currently hanging on the wall. Once again there is great lighting found in this room from the mini hanging light right over the table, giving it a modern cozy restaurant vibe and the additional light from the wall above.

Study Table

There is a desk which provides a study area for any member of a family. It is conveniently located next to a giant bookcase that can house an entire family’s reading needs, from children’s fictional books, to cookbooks, to law books for a potential lawyer homebuyer.

There are a few cupboards above the desk to hold office supplies, laptops, or whatever the office user needs. The desk is strong enough to hold a computer or a small tv probably around 30 inches. The desk could easily be upgraded to a larger one if the cabinet left of the desk is moved closer to the western wall; so, there is space available if upgrading is desired.


The bathroom has a modern feel to it with tiled flooring with a wooden finish to the counter, a bowl-like sink and the same tiling in the shower. The good thing about tiled flooring is that messes are a breeze to clean up. Spill some water on the floor, no problem just a quick mop-up and you’ll clean the tiles in the process of cleaning up the water.

There is great wall space available next to the counter and the large impressive mirror; if an additional towel rack needed to be installed the first towel rack could easily be moved down or over and a second one could be installed. This bathroom with all the lights and wooden colored tile with the wooden finish has a very warm, homely feeling to it. It would be hard not to spend a lot of time in a bathroom like this.


The kitchen’s tile immediately stands out being almost matte black, which is perfect for hiding any messes or stains from guests. There is wonderful counter space which can be used for preparing meals. Plenty of cabinet space is available to put cups, plates, and whatever else is needed in the kitchen.

The designer of this HDB 5-room modern flat was clever in building racks on the walls of the kitchens for spices and such, thus saving more room in the cabinet and pantry for other food items, thus making a less cluttered looking kitchen. Overall, I would be blessed to spend my days in a kitchen as well built as this one.

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