Take a Sneak Peek at the Modern English HDB 5-Room at Serangoon North

Take a Sneak Peek at the Modern English HDB 5-Room at Serangoon North

Dare to be different with your choices so long as it makes you feel happy and comfortable in the long run. This is what the designer and homeowner had in mind when they conceptualized the overall look of this HDB 5-room flat. They collaborated on coming up with a Modern English concept that is uncommon of most apartments. There is a mixture of luxury and cabin looks that worked surprisingly well for this flat.

The living room is spacious and the choice to use dark brown leather with white made the space look entirely grandiose without the awkward feeling of opulence. The long leather seats combined perfectly well with the white floors and walls, exuding the look of elegance in every way. What made the striking appeal is the TV wall as a long strip of black tiles elongated the stretch of the white wood laminates.

The dining hall is as luxurious and classy the same way as the living area. A mirror doubles the space because of the 3D effect it has. Wooden chairs blended well with the glass table finishing the rich look. The platform ceiling helped in creating depth and the vibe of old rich in the area.

The kitchen is full of modern innovations. White laminates and finishings brighten the room and gives it that glossy feel you only see in magazines. Walls are textured to give this part of the apartment more character and personality that is best paired with the state of the art kitchen appliances and equipment.

The bedroom exudes the cabin feel with a modern twist. Wooden floors and white wooden panels take the front seat that is reminiscent of a cabin home. The mirrors create the double space illusion and the dim lighting makes the room cozy and homey that is very much associated with forest cabins.

The masters’ bedroom is the perfect cabin home to anyone who loves the feel of wood and nature. From the brick walls, dark wood cabinets and storage down to the wood parquet flooring, the room is absolutely luxurious and impeccable. The quality of the materials and furniture is top notch. Everything is elegant, classy and sophisticated.

Majority of the furnishings in the masters’ bedroom is made of dark wood which exudes the feeling of elegance, sophistication and richness in every possible way. Even though the room is all wood and carpentry, it does not overwhelm the senses and in fact makes one feel relaxed and calm. A work table is included with the large shelf to maximize its use.

The other bedroom has a more English concept t it with the graphic wallpaper and other design elements used. The color is also more suited to the English setting, as well as the choice of furnishings. Again, dim lighting was the option for this room to get a more warm and homey vibe and appeal. Wood is still incorporated into the whole design to adhere to the sophisticated touch.

Like the masters’ bedroom, ceiling to floor dress cabinets and a large bookshelf with a work table is made of high-quality dark wood and takes center stage in the bedroom. To avoid the feeling of going overboard because of the carpentry, details on furnishings and decor were kept to a minimum.

The kids’ bedroom still has elements of wood and carpentry, however it was trimmed down to the essentials to avoid the feeling of elegance which might not suit the personality of the child, Toys are made part of the room decor to achieve a sense of playfulness that is characteristic of any kid.

The bathroom reminds you of being in a hotel. From choice of fixtures to the way the area has been designed. Beige or neutral colored tiles make bathrooms look simple yet classy in an understated way.

Using a chandelier as the lighting option for a HDB flat is uncommon and unheard of but it worked quite well for this bathroom. It gave the area an English twist of character that is consistent with the rest of the apartment.