Multifunctional Asian Themed HDB 5-Room At Telok Blangah $80K

Multifunctional Asian Themed HDB 5-Room At Telok Blangah $80K

This home is stylish without losing its multifunctional purpose. The verall theme and design is Asian modern. The living room is a place where family and friends can gather for get-togethers. The long sofas and the carpet serve as comfortable areas where one can lounge in. The brown tone gives the area its rich mood.

The kitchen doubles as a dining area because of the kitchen or bar countertop. The wood panels that serve as the partition for certain spaces are also decorative in nature. With the addition of a hanging sofa, the Asian theme was further enhanced in this part of the home. The designer made sure that no space was left unused and that all parts of the house are multifunctional in purpose and design.

The kitchen is just pristine and well-kept. This can be attributed to the way the designer utilized the space exceptionally well. The cream and brown tones made the whole area look chic and elegant in a subdued way. The kitchen is spacious enough to run around as the owner prepares the meals for the day. It is not bulky that it would be difficult to move around the whole area.

the bedroom follows the color scheme of the whole home, with its brown and cream tones. Because majority of the furnishings are built-in, space was saved and utilized further. The TV feature wall made the television itself pop out, making the room look modern and stylish. The cabinets at one side, helped to create depth in the room which was just absolutely perfect.

The second bedroom is just right for any child. The shelves that are built-in to the wall store the stuff and toys of the owner and the study table to one side of the bed helps maximize the space. What made the look of the whole room nice is the way a ladder was added at the side of the bed as decor even if it is also functional in a way. The shelves at the top of the study table and the bed make more room for the area.

Looking at the same bedroom, one will be surprised at how the bed is functional and space-saving. It folds up after it is used so that there is more space during the day for the owner to move around and do work.

This bedroom makes use of the same type of bed, one that folds up when no longer in use so that it saves space. The cabinet is decorated with a floral and paisley print, adding the texture that is needed to make the room come alive.

The use of decorative prints not only added texture to the bedroom, it also made the bedroom look bigger than its usual size. The conscious effort to install only the needed furnishings helped streamline the space and make the whole room look chic and stylish for any girl who loves purple and pink.