Live Like A Star in this HDB 5-Room Resale Theater Home @ Rivervale $100K

Live Like A Star in this HDB 5-Room Resale Theater Home @ Rivervale $100K

The moment you step into this flat, you know that this is clearly not just your average 5-room home. The striking features and the shimmery black and slate color palette used makes any person feel like he is living the high life.

The entertainment and living area alone will wow you the moment you step in. The blue led lights perfectly complement the sleek, black color scheme used by the designer. The spacious area and the home furnishings match the way the area has been designed. Spending a lot of time in this area to lounge and watch movies will be pleasurable.

The dining area is also sleek and modern in black. Panels with neon drawings add character to the space aside from the mirrors that create the illusion of a bigger area. Countless hours over lunch and dinner can be spent here with friends.

This room is also in black and muted grey. Entering, you get the feeling of being in a hotel room to relax after a long and tiring day at work. The lighting feature adds the chic and modern feel to the room making you feel like a superstar in your own movie.

The main bedroom exudes drama and a sexy vibe because of the color scheme chosen. The use of illumination in blue and not yellow makes the room look better. It has a Scandinavian appeal to it because of the use of only specific furnishings. Mirrors add the depth to the room.

The kitchen is modern in appeal and feel when you look at it. The choice to use red with black gives the area a distinct flavor to it when compared to other parts of the house. There is a feeling of masculinity and edginess to the kitchen with the streamlined appliances. The idea to keep the kitchen open helps in creating more room to move in when cooking.