How this White on Wood Design Made a HDB 5-Room At Bedok Central a Dream Home
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weiken white and wood dining area

How this White on Wood Design Made a HDB 5-Room At Bedok Central a Dream Home

This is a spacious HDB 5-room flat with a floor area of 1,184 sq ft. at Bedok Central. When you think of a timeless combination, the classic black and white contrast immediately comes to mind. This HDB flat tweaked the classic ensemble of black and white by using wood over black. Most homes now make use of a lot of wood and carpentry works because it makes rooms and spaces look more luxurious and beautiful.

The living room alone is classic in appeal with the white on white sofa, wooden laminates and furnishings. Homeowners are sketchy when using white on white but the designer was able to pull off the look for this area, by adding touches of carpentry and wood work via the shelves and TV wall.

weiken white and wood living area

weiken white and wood living area 1

The designer added wooden laminate surfaces and elements to avoid the boring all white neutral design. It is because of the carpentry and wood work that the living area stood out even when it is mostly designed in white. What made the space feel classier is the choice of curtains used on the windows as well as the unique lighting. The use of white instantly made the whole area look bigger and more spacious.

weiken white and wood dining area

The dining area is just as chic and trendy as the living room. There is an elegant appeal by combining white laminates with wood to enhance the depth of field of the dining space. The furnishings are also a combo of white seats on wood that make the area look regal and pristine. The ceiling platform gave a 3D illusion of space.

weiken white and wood kitchen

For the kitchen, we must say that we were pleasantly surprised how glamorous a full wooden laminate wall looked like. The all white kitchen benefits from the warmth and the cozy feeling of the wooden laminate that is often lacking in other kitchen designs. This concept gave a homey feeling to the area that entices family members to help each other prepare a delicious home-cooked meal.

weiken white and wood hallway and bathroom

The bathroom looks pristine with a subtle hint of elegance to it because of the wall to wall wooden laminates that were partnered with the neutral colored tiles. By going with this color scheme, the bathroom was able to exude a hotel kind of vibe to it.

weiken white and wood master bedroom

The masters’ bedroom is every homeowner’s dream. It is pristine in dreamy white as wooden laminates combined with the white shiny ceiling to floor laminates that surround the bed. This combination made the room look classier and bigger than the usual size. By adding mirrors at both sides of the bed, there is a 3D illusion effect that makes this bedroom highly remarkable.




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