HDB @ Blk 447 Bukit Panjang Ring Road

HDB @ Blk 447 Bukit Panjang Ring Road

Glass and mirror are usually used to interior space as a utility factor. However, in some cases, they are a reflection of a tastefully done interior design.

In this case, the rather small living room has been greatly enhanced thanks to the use of glass and mirrors. They also reflect and capture light, which additionally adds depth and perspective to the interior.

The space of the hallway has been used to fit the kitchen. Even though it is small, the kitchen provides all the essentials, and the designed has even managed to fit shelves for the luxury glasses of wine. Long live multifunctional furniture.

The glass theme continues in the bedroom as well. Mirrors have been used on both sides, even under the windows, which further increase the flow of natural light into the room.

Make no mistake, a good amount of natural light is essential for better physical and psychological feeling in the home. Additionally, natural light is often associated with better concentration, productivity and improved mood.