HDB BTO 4-Room $30k @ Blk 671 Punggol Waterway Banks

HDB BTO 4-Room $30k @ Blk 671 Punggol Waterway Banks

They say, small things make perfection. And it can’t be truer for the living room. Just a small touch of colors, and clever lighting illusions contribute to a whole different level of perfection and ideal design.

What makes the living room special is the addition of light green and orange color. They serve as contract in a subtle way to the other way monochromatic living room. Two cushions here, two cushions there, a chair seating and the mission is accomplished.

When we are talking about clever light solutions, we are talking about the light coming out of the wall next to the dining table. Mirrors and light create a fantastic illusion of deepness.

After being overwhelmed by the beauty and the complexity of the living room, you do need simplicity. Therefore, a simple and elegant kitchen is the perfect opposite.

The bedroom is another room that strives for simplicity. However, the wallpaper on the wall is just enough to make it more playful, vibrant and full with energy.