HDB BTO 4-Room At Hougang

HDB BTO 4-Room At Hougang

Another modern design HDB BTO 4-room flat, with open concept kitchen which results in a three room setting combined into one. The kitchen, the living area and the dining area are all combined into one large room.

The only separation is the kitchen island, but the design provides enormous amount of space, making the living area as spacious as possible.

The living area is very compact. Done in a simple way with a three seated sofa in front of a TV wall, it is obvious that the TV is not huge part of the lifestyle of the homeowners.

The bedroom is one of the most fascinating rooms in the apartment, with the brick like wallpaper serving as a great background of a bright room with neutral colours. The wallpaper also provides the room with playfulness, character and style.

The bathroom is done in a very stylish fashion. What makes the bathroom so unique are the graphic pictures on the wall. We rarely, if never see pictures in the bathroom, but it works surprisingly well in this case.