HDB BTO 4-Room Cozy Design @ Punggol

HDB BTO 4-Room Cozy Design @ Punggol

What is most appealing about the apartment is the furniture. And we are not talking about the regular and common sofa here.

No, we are talking about the unconventional furniture. The leather chair, or the adjustable chair are prime examples of seating options that can add flair to an already decently decorated living room.

But the seating options are not the only unconventional and unique elements in the apartment. In fact, the apartment is rich with other unique elements, such as the lighting club table with the flower in vase on top of it.

Once you leave the living room, you are greeted with classy, and elegant décor in the kitchen and the bedroom.

The bedroom is exceptionally elegant, and shows prestige with the quality of materials. The designer uses the age old trick of a built in wardrobe to save space, but what makes the room exceptional are the framed achievements placed above the bed.