HDB BTO 4-Room Mix & Match Concept At Blk 260C Punggol Way

HDB BTO 4-Room Mix & Match Concept At Blk 260C Punggol Way

Usually when we conceptualize a design for home, we tend to stick to one consistent theme throughout the entire home. Over at this project, we had the opportunity to mix and match various design elements and we were pretty surprised with the outcome.

The entryway and dining area

As you can see here, the design styles applied transcends multiple themes. The craft stone wall reflecting a slightly industrial and rugged outlook while the dining area takes on a more contemporary outlook. The retro style bubble chair adds a dash of early 70s flair to the room.

The living room

This part of the house keeps a mostly contemporary outlook. Notice the curved, wavy styled false ceiling – the cove is lined with LED strips that change colour to suit the various moods that the owner wants. Blue? Green? Orange? Purple? No problem!

Counting stars – in the master bedroom

The wavy styled false ceiling continues in the master bedroom. We embedded lights into the false ceiling to create a magical starry night effect. These stars emit a very dim night-light effect that subtly illuminate the room.

The studyroom

A mish-mash of football and nature. The key feature of this room would be the tree branch styled bookshelf. It breaks away from the conventional, horizontal plank-style, wall-mounted shelf.

The kitchen
The kitchen takes on a darker toned Contemporary-Scandinavian concept. These darker shades break away from the conventions of the mostly lightly coloured home, adding a touch of class and luxury.