Modern Contemporary HDB BTO 4-Room At Blk 505C Yishun Acacia Breeze

Modern Contemporary HDB BTO 4-Room At Blk 505C Yishun Acacia Breeze

This HDB flat was bold enough to use cream and beige as its main color palette. It is uncommon for a modern contemporary theme as most homeowners would rather use darker colors. The use of lighter colors worked out perfectly for this home as all spaces stood out.

The living room is tasteful in every way. The sofa blended well with the carpet and the walls. The photos and the throw pillows added the personality and color to a muted space. Soft lighting complemented the area  as it only made the living room look every bit classy and comfortable.

The kitchen is simple and straightforward in look and feel. THe use of wooden panels and soft lighting created a warm ambience that is conducive for working. The glass door separates the kitchen from the dining area, also ensuring that fumes from the cooking does not permeate the other areas of the flat.

The bedroom is cozy and very much inviting for a comfortable sleep. The night lamp by the corner of the bed adds the warmth to the room. The soft lighting under the TV feature wall makes the room look more lit up and alive considering the beige and neutral color scheme. The use of wood and carpentry helped achieve the tasteful look of the room.

There is a clean and retro vibe as you enter the room. The photos add more character and the hint of color in the pillows make the room more complete. The wooden panels in white gave the cabinets a more classy look than usual. The feel of modern contemporary was evident in the bedroom just like in the other areas of the flat.