HDB BTO 4-Room Modern Grey Exquisite

HDB BTO 4-Room Modern Grey Exquisite

Black and white is too much of a cliché for you? Go grey! Excellent color choice for an elegant, modern and contemporary home.

Grey is one of the more controversial colors in the palette, and sometimes can come as depressing. Often, grey is referred as the drabbest color, and is used when people want to protect themselves from something.

However, grey can be used as a positive color as well, which requires more yellow and blue based grey colors. And as evident in the living room, two subtle yellow details completely change the outlook of the room.

The kitchen looks more silver than grey, and that is normal. Silver is seen as a grey shade, and if you use grey in the kitchen, it evokes too much negative thoughts. Silver is a positive color, it is fresh and clean, and yet it is not white.

The bedroom combines the grey color, and puts it in contrast to the white and black, two colors that the grey descends from. The end result is astonishing, and the contrast is one of the best you can pull off.