HDB BTO 4-Room Simplicity White
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HDB BTO 4-Room Simplicity White

Whenever operating with an all white design, adding color is the trickiest and most challenging task for the designer. And the color should be present in the room in a natural flow, not pop.

In this case, we have natural and calming colors in every room. In the living room, for example, color is present via the bonsai tree in the corner, and the flowers on the TV cabinet. The TV cabinet, as well, introduces some color to the room. And by using a dark brown color, the designer has added much needed contrast to the room.

In the bedroom, it is more about texture than color, as there is almost no natural wall in the room. One wall is occupied with a floor to ceiling wardrobe, while the other is transformed into a feature TV wall. The introduction of texture adds an interesting touch to the room, making it look playful.

The boldest move is probably the kitchen, where the designer has intentionally placed some of the kitchen appliances on the countertop. And the appliances come with a bold red finishing, a color that is always welcomed in the kitchen, and here fits nicely with the black and white combination.

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