HDB BTO 5-Room At Yishun Orchid Spring

HDB BTO 5-Room At Yishun Orchid Spring

A great family oriented design, with a mix of lots of textures results in an excellent modern, playful environment.

In the living room, as in the whole apartment, texture is the approach the designer uses to express his style, creativity and vision. Mixing four different textures into one room is a challenging task, but the living room manages to capture them all together.

The reason why the living room works is because every texture is accompanied by a piece of furniture in it. Another reason is that the designer is simply spot on with the color of the sofa, as it blends everything together.

And the living room is not the only one where the designer mixes and experiments with styles. The kitchen, the bedroom and the bathroom follow the same path.

One genius idea is the way the designer has separated the bedroom and the small working corner/powder room. The wall which is also a wardrobe gives the small corner privacy from the bedroom, but in the same time, places the room close enough to the bed.