HDB BTO 5-Room Scandinavian At Upper Serangoon

HDB BTO 5-Room Scandinavian At Upper Serangoon

There are two main purposes in modern Scandinavian design. The first one is to make the environment clean, tidy and neat, while the second is to make it as functional and as practical as possible.

In the living room, we see the first approach, where a timber TV feature wall extends to the ceiling. Combined with cove lights, the designer has created excellent ambient illumination.

This feature is the center stage and the signature element of the home, and it is clean with straight lines, but visually appealing in the same time as well.

We mentioned the second goal is function and practicality, and we see that in the entry hall. The shoe cabinet features an extended seating desk, where you can comfortably put on your shoes.

Another way the designer adds texture to the apartment is through the brick like wall that occupies an entire wall in the dining area and extends to the entrance.

Comfort and coziness is the first thing that comes to mind when looking at the bedroom, where the designer uses clean and neat lines to make it moody and cozy.