HDB BTO 5-Room Scandinavian Design That Is Unconventional
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HDB BTO 5-Room Scandinavian Design That Is Unconventional

With this design, the interior designer has let out her genie powers out of the bottle. Her team rejuvenated the look of the entire house to make it look breathtaking. Her designs make the house cohesive and it seems like one big idea is flowing throughout the house.

The front door opens into a hall leading to one kitchen, dining area, and living room. A door opens into the grand rectangular kitchen which has massive storage space. There is space right outside the kitchen for the family to catch up a meal.

The bedrooms tend to take a more minimalistic approach with clean and pleasant aesthetics. The rooms are designed in light pastels, which lend a unifying touch to the home. The rooms have plenty of room for imagination and have enough space that doesn’t seem overbearing while the bathrooms have overlaying tiles that make it a safe retreat for whenever you want to sink into a relaxing bath at the end of the day.

Cabinets offer ample storage space and lighting is aptly designed to create a mood and ambiance. The décor is neutral and incorporates soft elements. The designs are unconventional and a treat to the eyes. You might run out of stuff but definitely not out of space.

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