HDB BTO Contemporary @ Tampines Greenleaf

HDB BTO Contemporary @ Tampines Greenleaf

People often associate contemporary design with minimalism, dull space, two or three colors, and usually, boring industrial design.

Well, that is not always the case. As seen here, contemporary design can be playful, vivid and rich with colors. The living room is a mixture of different styles and motives, but they are all blended together thanks to the similar color palette. Not to mention, they are in a perfect flow, and complement each other perfectly.

Step into the kitchen and you are bombarded with bold choice of color. Violet combines perfectly with black. And let’s be honest, few people can pull this off, and even fewer have the courage to try it.

The bedroom is another example of mixture of styles. You have contemporary, little traditional and rustic expressed by the use of wood, and artistic pictures and a lamp that looks like it has come from the future.

Both bathroom ideas are simple, yet elegant solutions. The difference is in the shape of the shower. Both the rectangular and square form work perfectly, and it all depends on the preferences of the user.