HDB BTO Hot Pink Kitchen At Blk 430A Yishun Orchid Spring
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HDB BTO Hot Pink Kitchen At Blk 430A Yishun Orchid Spring

hdb bto hot pink kitchen
While the pink kitchen is certainly the signature mark of the interior design, this HDB BTO flat at Yishun is rich with many creative and innovative ideas.

Aside from the kitchen, everything else is done in minimalistic style. Let’s start from the living room, which has been raised on a platform. Beneath the platform, there are light sources that illuminate the room, creating a special effect and atmosphere.

There is no sofa, and instead, the designer places pillows for seating. An interesting choice is the material for the TV feature wall, as marble has rarely been used for such elements. In the dining room, the designer also opts for pillow like chairs and traditional.

As for the kitchen, the pink color is self explanatory. There are few colors that express boldness as pink does. The pink colour might not be as dramatic as red, but it draws attention. For a more dramatic look, the finishing of the kitchen elements is in MDF high gloss material.

Platforms are a huge part of the design here. Aside from the living room, the designer uses platform for the bedroom and the entry hall as well.

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