HDB BTO Modern Design Ideas

HDB BTO Modern Design Ideas

Introduce a bit of shiny elements into your space, and you get a completely new design style. Modern concepts do not ask for shiny elements, but it works here.

High gloss furniture and lots of lighting make for a shiny living room. The living room is a small one, but the designer has managed to make it look comfy and as it can fit multiple people by adding pillows to the sofa, visually dividing the seating spots.

And you could always use a touch of art. Artistic elements are not necessary pictures and sculptures. In this case, it is a butterfly like watch.

You want fresh air in the kitchen, since it can get smelly during cooking. And when a cooker hood is not enough, fresh plants can help you refresh the air in the kitchen.

Entering the bedroom, you get a feeling you are in a 5 star hotel, and you are renting a luxury suite. Luxury linens and beddings are not reserved just for hotels, you can add them at home. Adding some luxury materials in the bedroom provides a feeling of achievement for the owners.