HDB BTO Modern Industrial At Punggol Walk

HDB BTO Modern Industrial At Punggol Walk

The designer has managed to implement few industrial style elements into a modern setting, and the end result is excellent. But more importantly, the designer has managed to take a small space, and use its potential to the maximum.

The dining area is an excellent example how the designer saved space. The TV feature shelves continue in the dining area as well, but they are used as seating area. Add few chairs and you get compact dining table and area.

In the living area, what is even more interesting is the way the designer blends all the textures together. Brick like texture, the one used for the dining area is usually combined with nude walls.

But in this case, we get cement like texture on the TV feature wall, which surprisingly, works with the bricks. Add in some industrial ceiling lights, and the modern design just got unique and interesting.


In the kitchen, we again see a combination of different materials and textures that on first glance do not work well. But the tiles, the MDF finishing of the upper kitchen elements and the rough timber finishing of the lower kitchen elements are an excellent fit.