HDB BTO Modern Victorian Sliding Feature Wall At Macpherson Residency

HDB BTO Modern Victorian Sliding Feature Wall At Macpherson Residency

Opulence is a word often used to describe a Victorian style interior design or anything Victorian related. And when it comes to opulence, sometimes, less is more, and a minimalistic approach is also suitable.

Such is the case with modern apartment decorated in Victorian style.

Starting from the living room, wealth and luxury are displayed by the numerous books and objects both in the TV feature wall/cabinet and the regular cabinet. Going back to the TV feature wall, privacy is a huge aspect of Victorian style.

An interesting choice is to use sliding doors for the TV feature cabinet, allowing the owner to cover different segments depending of the situation.

A shoe cabinet placed just as you enter the apartment has been transformed to a cubic like cabinet, extending the range of the cabinet all the way to the dining area.

And when you think of Victorian decorations, it doesn’t get better than the subtle chandeliers hanging over the dining table.

Still in the living area, we see another way how the designer has mixed modern and Victorian style, and that is the seating area.

Instead of a classic sofa that is more suitable for Victorian style, the designer installs modern adjustable chairs and bench, along with three glass made coffee tables.

And once you get in the master bedroom, it is there where you are greeted with the Victorian glamour and style at full display. Crystal chandelier, luxurious bedding and vintage table lamps on both sides make the room cozy, comfortable and luxurious in the same time.