HDB BTO Nautical Project At Blk 678B Waterway Brooks

HDB BTO Nautical Project At Blk 678B Waterway Brooks

When you think of nautical interior, you mostly envision blue and white. But that doesn’t have to be necessary, as cream and light brown also work good in combination.

What we see here is an environment where instead of white, cream has been used as a background of the interior dominated with nautical elements.

Every room is designed so that it looks like a cabinet in a boat, and naturally, the anchor is present in the interior in different shapes and forms. The anchor has been used on wallpaper in the bedroom, as the ceiling on the bedroom, and in some parts of the living room as well.

Even without the nautical elements, the interior looks stunning thanks to the color combinations, the lines and shapes of the furniture, and the very intelligent decoration.

Another trick that the designer takes from the book of modern design is implementing a laundry room in the big kitchen. We see more and more of this trend in interior design in latest years, and it works as long as the two areas are separated.