HDB BTO Scandinavian Concept At Blk 122A Punggol Edge
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HDB BTO Scandinavian Concept At Blk 122A Punggol Edge

The perfect blend of natural and artificial lighting has a welcoming effect to visitors. For a beautiful aesthetic habitable place, consider adopting many separate sources of light. These will bedazzle the home.

Minimalist wooden furniture emphasizes the character of each room as a cozy and private place. Wooden detailing on the ledges is also classy. Keep on engaging similar patterns in the different rooms so as to foster a sense of harmony.

A classic decor option would be to bring in more color into each arena. A white marble floor is a good foundation that allows a bit more creativity on the walls.

Inbuilt kitchen cabinets and wardrobes bring in the dark rich color of quality timber. Blue and red paint reels in the aura that follows the guest once they get inside the lovely home.

A neat and orderly home goes on to highlight the overall effort invested in designing a lovable livable residence.

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