HDB BTO Scandinavian Industrial At Waterway Brooks

HDB BTO Scandinavian Industrial At Waterway Brooks

From the moment you enter the apartment, both the industrial and the Scandinavian design styles are evident. The industrial style is always the more subtle one, usually expressed through ceiling lights.

Scandinavian style, on the other hand, dominates the interior in every room. In the living area, the carpentry is the way to go, with natural timber seating bench in the dining room and a small floating shelve on the TV feature wall.

The feature wall is the perfect combination of both styles, with brick effect from the industrial style, and the multiple pictures with graphic elements from the Scandinavian style.

In the living area, the designer also installs a study/work room, separated via glass panels. With black frames, the room fit ideally within the interior. Once in the work room, we again see a blend of the two styles. The mix is especially evident at the floating shelves, where metal frames hold the timber shelves.

The kitchen is another room where the two styles have been perfectly mixed and matched. The designer uses the same approach as in the study room, or timber with metal frames.