HDB BTO Scandinavian Industrial Concept At Anchorvale Harvest

HDB BTO Scandinavian Industrial Concept At Anchorvale Harvest

Scandinavian style is often clean and spacious, and with some industrial touches, this apartment has the style, character and stunning look.

Starting from the narrow living area, which the designer has split in several corners: living room, dining area and cozy relaxing area. For the TV feature wall, the designer uses the classy light laminate wood, making sure that the room is light and cozy.

In the dining section, a bar like poster adds the style and touch, making the tenants feel like they are in some tavern. It is nice lively touch that breathes air and life to the interior.

Last, but not least, the cozy section is marked with just two timber made small seating chairs. It is more of a style element than a practical element.

The kitchen is another narrow room, with the designer splitting the area in two sections with free space in between. Cement like wall adds the industrial touch, while the kitchen elements are all made with timber finishing.

Finally, the master bedroom is as spacious as possible. Using a minimalistic approach, the designer installs built-in wardrobe to preserve space. And for the Scandinavian touch, a timber headboard looks stylish and fashionable.