HDB BTO Scandinavian Industrial @ Punggol Drive

HDB BTO Scandinavian Industrial @ Punggol Drive

The topic here is Scandinavian Industrial, and each style fits a different room. For example, in some rooms, the Scandinavian style dominates, while others look like an industrial warehouse.

The Scandinavian style elements are mostly subtle, and they are seen in the white and light colors for the walls, the mostly minimalistic design, and the use of natural elements such as wood, laminate and others to complement the room.

The Industrial style, on the other hand, is more visible and on full display in the living room, where the lighting is the first thing you notice, and then the door with all the mechanisms on it.

However, once you get out of the living room, you are welcomed and greeted with the more calming and relaxing environment of the Scandinavian style.

In all the other rooms, the designer has fitted just the most necessary objects and elements, leaving the space empty. And by using light colors, and natural elements, the designer further emphasizes how spacious the space is.