HDB BTO Spacious 4-Room At Fernvale Road
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HDB BTO Spacious 4-Room At Fernvale Road

It is unbelievable how a slight change in the layout of the home can make it look that much different.

The living area of this apartment is a perfect example how a more horizontal and wider decoration of the room can make it look bigger, more spacious and with more space.

The designer has slightly changed the layout, and placed the TV on a different spot than the one we are accustomed to see it.

The L-shape of the kitchen is perfectly suited to fit all the necessary appliances.

The subtle change results in the whole space looking different. In essence, the trick adds more space for moving, and makes it less crowded.

The creative spirit and talent is also visible in the kitchen and the bedroom as well. In the kitchen, the designer has done a masterful job of implementing a three colour design to what is a black and white combination.

In the bedroom, a small and subtle addition is all it takes to transform the outlook, and here we have the seating desk right under the window to serve that purpose.

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