HDB BTO White Modern At Blk 342 Yishun Natura
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HDB BTO White Modern At Blk 342 Yishun Natura

In the bedroom, the designer has made a goal to separate the relaxing part from the stressful area. The relaxing area is the sleeping area of course, where using neutral, and pale romantic for the furniture, wall, bedding and drapery.

The designer has succeeded in creating relaxing ambiance. The second area is the stressful area, or the changing room. Installing a walk in wardrobe is a great way to separate the two.

The two areas are divided by a sliding door, which also serves as a huge mirror in the dressing area. In the children room, the designer again uses a platform to raise the bed, and installs a rather simple mattress to keep things simple.

It is all about the shapes, the lines and the frames that the designer uses to separate one room from another in a timeless all white interior. White dominates the living area as a timeless color best served for modern background.

Starting from the living area, which the designer has lifted on a wooden laminate platform to divide it from the foyer and the dining area.

Simple lines dominate the living area, with some unique shapes displayed on the ceiling. Using lines as a distinctive element of the interior design, the designer places two diagonal lines on the TV feature wall, with the result being a V-shape.

The design gives a unique shape and form to the rather simple feature wall. For the dining room, the designer uses a nice trick to preserve space, extending the kitchen island to serve as a dining table.

A study table spreading through the whole wall rounds up the room.

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