HDB Clean, Simple & Evergreen @ Fernvale

HDB Clean, Simple & Evergreen @ Fernvale

The latest tendency in interior design is implementation of wood, and lots of it. This particular design takes the wood to its full display. Even the wall behind the TV has added wood, but for a different purpose.

The theme of the living room is 3D and deepness. The effect is achieved in two ways: the wooden wall behind the TV, and the ceiling above the fan. Both tricks work wonders for the space.

Once you leave the living room, you are in for a more traditional and clean design all the way from there. That is not to say that the living room is cluttered and crowded, but every room from there on has less and less elements in it.

The bedroom, however, goes back to more elements, and 3D environment as well. The same ceiling trick is used in the bedroom as well, and for an added depth, a brick like painting on the wall takes the viewer’s eye into wandering.