HDB Completed Modern Industrial At Blk 549A Segar Road

HDB Completed Modern Industrial At Blk 549A Segar Road

The main goal of the interior design was to add as much brightness as possible. Since there is little natural light, the design must take full advantage of it.

What the designer has done is opt for bright cement tiles in most rooms, while keeping the interior in white and creamy colours. Thanks to the customised lights, the environment is bright, despite the low sources.

In the kitchen, there is no window, so the designer had to improvise. To get light from other rooms, the designer has hacked the wall and installed a glass panel and door. This way, the kitchen receives light, but it is still closed to block scents and oil grease.

The whole apartment is done in minimalistic style, but in the bedroom, the approach is most visible. The designer installs a walk in wardrobe, but everything else is removed from the room.

There are no nightstands or similar unnecessary furniture elements. The laminate flooring creates a sense of coziness, warmth and comfort.