HDB Condo Modern Country Concept

HDB Condo Modern Country Concept

It is hard to envision a modern decorating style with a touch of country, but this home manages to pull it off. Starting from the living room you get all the lines characteristic for the modern look, and the country touches are so subtle, that you won’t even notice them at first glance.

They fit so natural in the room. But they are there, starting from the vintage wooden shelving, floral wallpaper and the iron lamp. The pale blue color used both for the living room and the dining room is an excellent choice, one that makes this home unique and different from most of the modern looks.

And in the dining room, the country touch is subtle, and up until you sit on that wooden bench, you won’t probably notice it. The whole bedroom has been wrapped up with floral wallpaper, the same design used in the living room.

This provides a sense of continuity, making the home feel like a whole. The kitchen is fully modern, with just a little unconventional touch. We rarely see the washing machine in the kitchen nowadays, but it works perfectly here.