HDB Contemporary @ Blk 130 Lorong Ah Soo

HDB Contemporary @ Blk 130 Lorong Ah Soo

The living room

A word that perfectly sums up the environment and the space is “fresh”. Echoed by the flowers picture above the sofa, the living room and the dining room look fresh and natural. Bonus points for the yellow pillows on the sofa that perfectly complement the picture.

Once you are out of the living room, and into the kitchen, it is all about classic, elegant and clean design. The spacious kitchen fits everything in it, with multiple shelves for all the kitchen accessories. Nothing is on display, there are no dishes/pans hanging around.

Both designs for the bedroom are excellent, but the beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as they say. And in the bedroom, the beauty is in the details. The rose chandelier for example, is an object that completely transforms the room, and adds something unconventional and unique.

The kitchen

The bedroom with its study table

The bedroom with wardrobe