HDB Contemporary @ Blk 515B Tampines Central

HDB Contemporary @ Blk 515B Tampines Central

Another HDB interior design project at Blk 515B Tampines Central 7.

Mixing minimalism with art deco is great solution for contemporary designs. When working with little elements, one must express his artistic skills in a careful way.

The living room is a classic incarnation of minimalist style. With just a TV, a club table and a sofa, the room is free from unnecessary elements, leaving it with all the space, air and light it needs. By connecting it with the balcony, the designer creates a peaceful oasis for relaxation.

The hallways is a living incarnation of an art gallery. Starting from pictures, up to the stone made section, there are so many artistic elements that breathe life into the space. And each and every single one of them is emphasized by focused lighting.

Things are kept to minimal in the bedrooms, the kitchen and the work room. The main theme of all three rooms is light and lighting. By using light colors the designer maximizes the natural light that flows into the space.